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The History of Sex & Cannabis

From applying lotus blossom tinctures and ingesting soups made out of bird nests in Asia to eating piranhas in ancient Amazonia, our need to have better sex has led us to try some pretty weird s#!t.

Though cannabis was first used in ancient China over five thousand years ago, we only start to hear of its aphrodisiacal powers in the 7th century AD. Ayurvedic texts from that period suggest cannabis was used to delay ejaculation, overcome erectile dysfunction and suppress inhibitions. Cannabis wasn’t smoked, but rather drunk in the form of bhang, a dairy based liquid flavoured with sugar and spices. Various forms of this recipe spread through middle eastern and African cultures and in other countries, bhang came to be known as kif.

Over the centuries kif or kief became the word for ‘finely sifted cannabis’ and regularly used to spice up sex lives all over Eurasia. At the same time, herbal remedies with cannabis were considered go-to remedies to cure impotence in Sub-Saharan Africa and central America. Even in Russia, a country not known for its tolerance for any drug, cannabis was mixed with lamb fat and served as a traditional wedding dish in order to heighten the sexual pleasure of virgin brides.

Enter the 20th century and cannabis in western cultures is more linked with sex than ever before- just not in a positive way. As politicians make moves to criminalize cannabis use, a series of films, radio programs and news reels portray its usage as the path to nymphomania, prostitution and single motherhood.

But now, out of the dark ages, we are only beginning to fully grasp all the amazing benefits of cannabis and its many compounds. With science proving the relaxing, anti anxiety inducing qualities of cannabidiol (CBD), we can safely say that the ancient cultures were on to something.

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